Under $1000 and Done in Less than a Week

That’s right!

My goal for every website I build is to have it completed and public within a week of our first conversation. My target clients are business startups who need to get online quickly and for as little cost as possible. Without compromising on quality, I guarantee that your final bill will not exceed $1000.

How is this possible?

Over the years that I’ve been building websites (since 2005), I have discovered two main reasons for bringing up cost and causing projects to take so much time to complete: overcomplicating design and lack of communication.

I will ask you the right questions even before you’ve signed a contract so that we can hit the ground running. I will coach you through the process of developing the content for the website.

As for the low cost? My websites are built on a free, open-source platform called WordPress, therefore my costs are really low. I also don’t have any staff to pay or a building that I lease. I work at my dining room table, or in the local cafe, with easy access to plenty of coffee and goodies!

Fine Print

The total cost of the website will indeed be under $1000, which will include the following:

  • The purchase of a high-quality WordPress theme. Based on our initial conversation, I will select a couple of theme options for you to choose from.
  • The customization of the theme based on your branding elements. If you have not yet developed a brand, such as a logo, colour scheme, or other elements, that’s okay. I will work with whatever you have. A logo and colours can be added or changed later.
  • Access to high-quality stock photos. If you require custom photography, I recommend hiring a professional photographer.
  • The purchase of a standard domain name for one year. Some domain names are more expensive than others. We will talk about that. The cost of the domain name will be billed to you annually on the anniversary of publication.
  • Hosting on my server for one year. The cost after the one-year anniversary will be $120 per year. The cost will be subject to change as my costs increase over time.
  • Up to two hours of training on how to manage your new website! I’ll also provide telephone and email support for 30 days after the website is launched. If you require additional support or would like me to make changes to the website, you will be billed at $65 an hour.
  • Questions? Contact me here.