Wix vs. Squarespace vs. WordPress

WordPress was one of the first popular platforms that made it easier for developers to build a website using a database to deliver the content to the browser, to put it simply. It has become the most popular tool in the world for building websites. (

At the beginning, you still needed to have some understanding of how to set up a website in order to use WordPress. Then came, which is quite easy to use for just about anyone, however it is not as powerful or customizable as using the original WordPress system.

As web technology became increasingly advanced, platforms such as Wix and Squarespace came along and gave control of website construction to just about everyone willing to spend a bit of time learning their systems. The question is, how do these three compare to one another?

From an ease-of-use standpoint, they are all quite similar. Wix is probably the fastest way to get online, but you are very limited in terms of design choices. Squarespace is more customizable but will require you to spend more time on building your site. And, is generally used by bloggers or if you want to publish regular content.

Regardless of the platform you choose, you will need to spend time building it. This is one of the biggest hurdles for most small business owners. If you find it overwhelming to tackle your own website, let’s talk about how to ease that burden!


Why Are My Prices So Low?

Over the years that I’ve been building websites (since 2005), I have discovered two main reasons for bringing up cost and causing projects to take so much time to complete: overcomplicating design and lack of communication.

I will ask you the right questions even before you’ve signed a contract, so that we can hit the ground running. I will coach you through the process of developing the content for the website.

As for the low cost? My websites are built on a free, open-source platform called WordPress, therefore my costs are really low. I also don’t have any staff to pay or a building that I lease. I work at my dining room table, or in the local cafe, with easy access to plenty of coffee and goodies!


Launching Early 2019

This side-business of mine, called Wonder Studio, has been on the sidelines for a while. I attempted to re-launch it this past summer, but circumstances prevented it from getting it off the ground.

However, in January 2019, I will be officially making myself available for one or two projects per month, as time allows. My day job is quite demanding, and that, combined with my family life, will take priority.

The reason for the re-launch of Wonder Studio? It is a great source of additional income, and it keeps me sharp in an ever-changing industry. I also want to involve my kids as they grow up. They have a future full of digital possibilities, and I hope to give them some tools and experience that will provide a foundation in their future careers.

In my early days of building websites, I would spend every spare moment learning this craft. Sunday afternoons, while my wife and kids were sleeping, I was in front of the computer, building and re-building websites. It was fun because it was a hobby. Then it turned into a career and the hobby became work.

Now, I have a chance for it to be a hobby again, and I can’t wait to get started!