Business Strategy

Why Stay Small

This little side business of mine, building simple websites for small businesses, will probably always be small.

We get so easily caught in the success and growth trap, thinking it will bring more satisfaction in life. However, I believe there is a good reason for small businesses to stay small.

By staying small and focusing on a very specific niche, all of my energy goes into serving the client that is currently paying me. I only take on one project at a time and by doing so, I serve that client well.

Small businesses are flexible and can make adjustments on the fly. The only concern I have is to ensure my client’s needs are being met. I am not concerned about staff, bills, or meeting a quota. Because this is a side hustle for me, I do not have the pressure of a bottom line. I do this because I am good at it and it is satisfying.

If you are starting up a small business, particularly if you are doing it from home, I want to work with you. I want to see you succeed, and the best way I can help you do that is to build you a website that is affordable and will work well.

Give me a call at 403-426-0155 or send an email to to get started!

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